True HR policies that can increase engagement

I just came across the following article in the American Banking News, and there is a new study that went beyond the normal (our employees are disengaged) and connected engagement to specific HR policies that have an impact on engagement.
The below is an example of some of the HR policies that can increase engagement.

Does your company have a clear set of values that most employees know about and understand?

Does your company regularly measure customer satisfaction and share customer satisfaction information with employees?

Does your company continuously measure quality and regularly communicate quality metrics to employees?

Have you received a performance appraisal in the last twelve months?

Have you attended at least one company-sponsored training session/event within the last twelve months?

What I love about the above is that it is a good framework that doesn’t start with pay practices.

(Source: Economic Concerns Changing the Predictors of Employee Engagement – American Banking News)

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