The 2013 Global Employer:Highlights of Global Legal Changes

Littler is an International Law firm with over 55 offices and over 900 lawyers – and they are dedicated to representing employers on all sorts of management issues. I stumbled across them via a press release – but apparently they hold an annual Global Employer Summit – and they released the highlights in a 65 page document.

Think of it as a 65 page detail filled document on how a lawyer views global employment. So this definitely should fall into your reading – as the document covers two major areas:
– How they see HR succeeding globally (e.g. governance, structure, etc.)
– Overview of the compliance areas around the globe.
     – For instance, in Indonesia – Outsourcing is pretty much illegal (except in a few trades). 

My guess is that you will read this and come out with a couple of To Do’s to check on within your company.

Link to Report:

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