Testing Coding Skills Automagically? Save Recruiting IT Time!

With all of the hiring going on in IT, checking coding skills has always been an interesting challenge. Do you take Hiring Manager’s time to have them screen individual’s coding skills? Nope! So as long as the person could write the right words on their Resumes (e.g. Hadoop, C#, ADA, COBOL, etc.) they can make it past the screens and potentially to an interview. Then in the Manager interview, most of the conversation is soft-skills type questions (why? Because HR trained them well!) – and the result is a IT Programmer that gets in the door – that may not be a good coder!
Has anybody ever run across this scenario?
Hirevue has now come out with a really cool solution. It is an on demand coding assessment system that works with 13 different programming languages, and it automatically scores the person’s code. It gives you an overall score. The company can also pick the languages, and decide whether to give easy, medium or hard questions. 
Go here to learn more details – http://hirevue.com/codevue/

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