#SHRM12 Continues to Impress: 2nd 24 hours

Wow, again just a round of applause for all of the Atlanta SHRM chapter members who are helping out at the SHRM national convention. The convention is running smoothly and just packed! If there is one feedback – the convention still seems cramped. Imagine that! We are in Atlanta – which is one of the larger convention cities – and this is still small. So just a plug – if you are wondering if you should go next year to Chicago – make it a yes.


Just like yesterday, here are some observations:

Observation #1: It feels good to be HR

I know this is a warm and fuzzy feeling – but it is pretty cool to be with 22,000 other HR practitioners! 22,000 other people who think talent management is fun and exciting, 22,000 other people who love a good HR study.

Observation #2: Innovations from the Show

So there is a lot of focus on the global footprints of companies as they grow and how to manage that growth. So lots of great presentations on talent management, employee recoqnition programs, and leadership programs that work globally. What is interesting is that these are no longer conversations about theory – but more about companies who have:

1. Learned that global models have to be developed – as home country models do not translate across the globe.

2. Developed frameworks where there are global models – that seem to be centered around the concept of Glocalization.

Talent management continues to grow from a “science” perspective with lots of development around job boards, sourcing tools, virtual interview tools, and really cool Applicant Tracking systems. So if you have a feeling that you are using an “old” and “kludgy” talent system – there is a lot going on in this space! While the challenge is the integration of the tools – it would be a fun challenge to have.

Observations #3: Interesting Concepts from the floor Show

So first of all, again – almost everyone is here – so I am not going to cover who is here – but more about interesting supplier solutions that may be growing the HR Space:

1. Costa Rica – Remember all of the news from 2-3 years ago on medical tourism starting to grow? Well Costa RIca was here showing why they are a great option for medical tourism. So only one booth, so medical tourism is definitely not prime time.

2. Vacation Programs – So not sure if this would be a pre or post tax benefit – but there were some companies that provide pre-packaged vacations.. I have to admit that I didn’t like the concept – it felt a little too close to a “time share” pitch….

3. Recruiting? Yep, there is one company here from Saudia Arabia – that is trying to recruit HR professionals.. So talk about innovative thinking! Why not? If you are trying to recruit HR professionals – this is probably the best forum to do it… what do you think ?


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