SHRM 2012: A Rocking 24 hours So Far

Wow! Just wanted to take a few minutes to pause from the learning and the work and write some observations:

Observation #1: Well Done SHRM!The Atlanta venue has been well staffed, and looks great! What is also very cool there has been a lot of focus on details – so whether you are here as an attendee, press, exhibitor, and others (not sure what that would be) but there relaxation lounges, lots of places to get questions answered and just overall – well done!

Observation #2: Great speakers so far.

Dr. Condoleeza Rice kicked off SHRM with a great presentation and the Twitter stream was full of comments of what an engaging speaker she was. The humor quip that she started with was – what is the difference between her working in the government versus when she is not in the government? When she is not in the government, she can read the newpapers in the morning and know she has nothing to do with it!

Her true message – and one that resonated with the audience – is that the biggest strategic risk that the United States is facing is the current state of our K-12 education programs.

This morning, Malcom Gladwell kicked off Monday with so amazing “blow your mind” perspectives about the Millenial generation and how truly different they are. For those who may have thought the “generational” training programs were fluff – need to listen to Malcom – there are true differences that those of us with Gray hair need to be aware of. For example, take dating. He explained how this generation has traded the concept of privacy for the ability to get more choice on dating. As a result, they now can have up to 100 dates a year!

Observation #3: The expo floor is HUGE

There are over 850 vendors at this years event… the floor is truly massive. It took me over 2 hours just to walk the aisles to see who is here. So almost everyone – who is anyone – is here at the show. But imagine this – if you spent 10 minutes with each vendor – it would take 141 hours to learn what they do and what their value proposition is.

In terms of booths – the vendors that have the coolest booths seem to be the employee recoqnition vendors! I guesse that makes sense in terms of creativity, etc – but incredibly cool stuff.

Other quick notes…

1. Lots of good work on the ISO TC committee yesterday! Will be posting seperately on that.

2. Getting to meet and hang with lots of great HR folks! Got to hang out with China Gorman a bit! As always – she has a great pulse on the HR world. (When hanging with celebrity – the requisite photo is required)

3. I think I need one of those free massages!





One thought on “SHRM 2012: A Rocking 24 hours So Far

  1. Excellent post! I'm here at SHRM as well, and I've really enjoyed it so far. You aren't kidding when you say the expo floor is huge – it's truly massive and there are so many interesting people to meet and learn from. I wish I had 141 hours to talk to all of them! I enjoyed Condoleezza Rice's presentation too, as well as a ton of other SHRM sessions. I'm looking forward to what today has to bring.


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