Priorities of a CHRO – The Cornell Study

Cornell has released their 2011 study of Chief HR Officers, and it is pretty enlightening. The study really does a good job of getting into a CHRO’s mind and figuring out what is really going on. Furthermore – it does a comparison of European and American CHRO’s so you can see the differences.

Key takeaways:

1. Everyone is focused on HR talent

2. American Focus is on using (or trying to define) HR Competencies. (Kind of ironic that Ulrich’s new Competency book just came out)

What HR Metrics are important:

They also cover what the top metrics that Chief HR officers look at to measure their effectiveness. The key ones are:

1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

2. HR Cost Ratios

3. Turnover / Retention Metris

4. HR Process Completions

Here is the link to the Study :


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