How much does Employer Brand affect Applicant Traffic? The Answer

The Cornell Center for Advanced HR Studies (CAHRS) just published a paper on applicant perceptions on companies and the impact it has on whether they apply. What they found was that if the company is not viewed favorably then it can impact the applicant flow by 50%!

In some cases, this can be very costly, as the true applicant flow can already be low (e.g. think for a systems engineer), in which case in means that the recruiter will have to do sourcing – which is obviously more costly. Looking for the positive spin, it also means that wading through thousands of applications for an admin position is not a problem either??

The key is understanding what the brand impact your company has. Check with your marketing department and see what brand research they have. What is the brand awareness score and the net promoter score. This will give you a quick understanding of the landscape.

The employer brand is a great place to start to understand what type of effort/spend you will need to put into your:

  • Employer Value Proposition Marketing
  • Job Advertising
  • Sourcing Budget

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