Military Recruiting – An International Perspective

In the United States, there is a realization that there needs to be special focus on how to employ US veterans. Many companies have military recruiters, special web pages showing jobs, etc. But how does a US company address international military recruiting?

I was researching this for fun, and came across a great document from the Military College in Bulgaria addressing this issue. Here is what they say the major issues for Bulgarian Soldiers are:

  • problems,stemming from the radical change of the whole way of life: moving to a new place of residence; deterioration of the financial status; loss of housing and insecurity of the possibility of acquiring one at the new location; problems with finding a job and need to prepare for life in the new conditions;
  • problems from lack of guaranteed employment after the service, imperfections of the system for vocational training and retraining of military servicemen from the reserve, problems with finding job for them; insufficient practical exercising of the privileges and rights of servicemen, discharged from the Bulgarian army;…,Possibilities for increasing the efficiency of the social adaptation of servicemen, discharged from military service.
  • problems from retaining previous stereotypes of action by many servicemen before and after the release, associated with the expectations for support from the state; the habit of relying on formalized social protection of the military structure;
  • problems from unpreparedness for action in the new economic situation; loss of qualification of members of the families of servicemen; persistently negative image of the discharged from military service servicemen in the opinion of the staff of civil organizations;
  • problems from the open ignoring by the authorities of the military governing body at different levels (with the exception of military district offices) of the needs of the discharged from military service servicemen; unwillingness of the Ministry of Defense to participate in solving their problems after discharge from military service, etc..

Does any of that sounds familiar and describe some of the history for hiring US military veterans? Perhaps the models that we are developing in the US Рfor hiring US military veterans may work for overseas subsidiaries of multi-national companies?  What do you think?

The document: If you do military recruiting – you may want to read the whole document, as it also gets into social adapation frameworks, training, etc. Warning, the first two pages are in Bulgarian, and the next 66 are in English.

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