Major Disruption to the Hiring Process? Interview everyone?

At the HR Technology I had the true pleasure of talking with Scot Sessions from HireVue to learn how their virtual interviewing platform is going. It was during that conversation that I began to understand how potentially disruptive their technology could become for the Recruiting Practice.


Virtual Interviewing – A little bit about HireVue:

If you haven’t heard of them, they have about 200 clients and have done tens of thousands of virtual interviews. Basically the system allows a candidate to virtually use their video camera to answer questions – that are then available on-demand for HR and Managers to watch at their convenience. They also offer the ability for live interviews too. There all sorts of other feature enhancements, like allowing managers to take interview notes in the tool, scoring across candidates, etc.. They are also integrated into the major ATS tools.

But where is the disruption? Moving it to the front of the line!

Often our business processes are developed around necessity and cost – so if you think about interviewing – it makes sense that it has been the very last step in the process – as it is costly from a travel perspective, time of the interview manager – and to be candid – sometimes risky as the quality of interviewers can be really wide.

But this whole new concept of on demand video interviewing gives Recruiters the ability to blow the recruiting process up. As everyone knows – trying to screen someone via resume is very difficult, and phone interviews are the next best thing, but now you can see the person, and watch their non-verbals. AND you can save the video clip so everyone in the process can see the same clip you saw – so no more getting different answers based on who the interviewee is.

Imagine if for every candidate you not only got their resume, but you also got 3 video clips of them answering the same question – Do you think this would help you make a better decision?

I also asked HireVue about cultural acceptance and they said it has been great – as they survey candidates after the interview and they are getting rave remarks – add to this the fact that they have conducted virtual interviews in over 120 countries and that is meaningful.

It’s all how you use it!

I would love to get your thoughts – as I think if you used this as an interview technology medium – it is interesting. But if you start to use on-demand video interviewing as part of a process change – it becomes a game changer!

So please let me know! Have you tried Hire Vue or similiar approaches? What did you find?




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