Look at Employee Branding – Not Employer Branding

While at the ISO TC260 meeting, I have had the pleasure to get to know Dr. Sandy Miles at Murrary State, and she has been doing some very interesting research on employee branding. At first, I was confused as I thought she was discussing employer branding – and she explained the difference.

Employee Branding – is the brand picture that an employee has of their own company, which incorporates external signals (e.g. commercials, sales, etc.) and internal signals (e.g. pay, work environment, etc.). What is even more important is whether there is any dissonance. (e.g. employer brand says it is a highly engaged place, and the employee has very different opinions)Employer Branding – is the value proposition that an employer uses to recruit individuals

As part of the approach she developed a very cool typology that I thought was very cool. For instance, All-Stars are those who are very informed employees, and in places where the employer social contract is being upheld.

David Ulrich also mentioned this in his Outside-In approach in making sure companies link their external branding to the type of employees they want.


What I like about this approach is that often studies and focus around employee engagement focuses on the internal factors – and this layers in the aspect of the public employer brand. While intuitive, it is a pretty cool approach to keep in mind.

(Source: I am looking for public links to the studies for you to get to- as the studies are currently in journals only)


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