Is the need for Change Communications on HR IT projects gone?


One of the more interesting conversations that used to be really important is change communications around process and system changes. There was serious emphasis put on stakeholder analysis, impact analysis, and aligning communication plans, champions, elevator speeches, etc. This area has matured into a true discipline.

But look at the below graphic which is from the Wall Street Journal, and reference in a great article in the Atlantic (original source at the bottom). So with the above chart in view – it becomes pretty clear that adoption rates have sky rocketed. I am sure that you have heard that the fastest growing demographic on facebook is women in their 50’s! So even the stereotypes of technophiles is starting to get shattered.

So what does this do for change communications? Is it needed? Or has the pendulum swung to the other side where instead of having to apologize for implementing something new – that the stakeholders are apologizing for having to roll technology out too slower or is already behind the times?

Let me know what you think!

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