Investing in People: How to really do HR Analytics

There are three names that are providing the foundation of thought leadership in HR around the topic of HR measurement and Analytics.

All of these men have dedicated their scholarly focus on helping HR build out decision science capabilities and raise the maturity level of the industry. By the way, if there is someone else you would add to the list – let me know – as I would love to learn more.John Boudreau
Jacque Fitz-Enz
Wayne Cascio

So when two of the three leading thought leaders work together on a HR measurement book – you know this is going to take the discussion to a whole new level. So if you don’t have time to read the full blog article, please take time to order their book – it is well worth it!

1. Who should read the Book?

This is a bit tough to answer – as I would love to say – “Everyone” – but let me say, “Everyone, with a caution” Realize that the book gets pretty deep in the weeds on the actual mechanics of analysis and some medium level statistics. But if statistics is not your game- I still encourage you to read the book – as this book as it does something incredibly cool that I will highlight in reason #2. Now for anyone that is involved in the HR analytics function – this should be one of your books that sent on your desk (right next to your copy of BeyondHR).

2. The focus of the book

The entire book is focused on helping the reader learn how to take HR focus areas and determine the Financial impact. So each chapter tackles a major HR question (Such as the impact of absenteeism), and helps the reader with how to determine the actual dollar impact. The underlying premise of the book is that this ability to “translate” the impact(s) into dollars is critical for the success of HR.

3. How the book is structured?

What is very unique in the book is since each chapter is focused on only one anayltical question, each chapter first walks through the complete logic of how to analyze the issue. Then it walks you through the formula. It is the combination of both of these approaches that makes this a great read for the HR practitioner and the HR analyst.

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