If you are a HR Exec or in HRIS – you better read this! Free Benchmark Study! #HRTechconf

Every year, for the last 16 years, Alexia Martin has been working, leading and changing the HR Technology sector with the Cedar Crestone HR Technology benchmark study. Here is what is amazing, they give it away for free (just have to give them your contact info). If you have recently taken over HR, or gotten some responsibility with HRIS – this really is an amazing study. This is not the typical, give us your name and we will give you 4 pages of obvious statements. The benchmark data is the full survey and gives you some meaty actionable data. For instance:
1. How would you like to know how much the typical application and HRIS Spend is on a per employee basis? Especially if that is broken down by Saas applications versus locally hosted!
2. How about what the breakdown of spend is – based on the type of HR organization you are!
3. Would you like to see which applications are growing or scaling back? Below is an example of one of the figures included in the study.  
Screen Shot 2013 10 21 at 7 55 45 PM
Again, many thanks to Cedar Crestone and Alexia for doing this annual survey! Here is the link to get the study: 

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