#HRizon – Keynote number #3 – Future Trends Rachel Botsman (@Rachelbotsman)

Rachel Botsman is an amazing technologist and she is presenting a Keynote on technology and innovation and how it will disrupt existing businesses.

Concept #1 – The next trend will be how to convert your Social Network to Social Services!

This is a wild thought! Think about how big of your network is – and now ask how do you get the most out of it. She covered a video of Taskrabbit, a start up that connects folks to tasks that you need done.

Concept #2 – Collaborative Age

Information Age – connecting people to information

social age – Connecting people to people over the internet

collaborative age – Connecting people to get them off the internet. Using Online to get Offline.

Here are four businesses models that connect people to people via a business online as shown in the photo to the right. She talked more about airBnB. This company allows folks to post Bed and Breakfast spaces on their website. The company has exploded and booked over 1 Million nights in one year. This company now has the the largest market cap in VC trends to date.

Interesting Factoid – 16 of the top 100 Kindle book – are all self published!

She went further to talk about crowdsourcing – and talking about Kickstarter. Which allows anyone to get VC funding. This not small stuff – she talked about the pebble watch which raised over 10Million dollars.

Concept # 3 – The social self – the glow of being a part of something that creates connection and belonging.

People are starting to value social interactions over stuff. She also has a cool way of explaining the cloud – which is a concept allows us to only have to have one of something.

She showed that this is more than just an interesting idea – but folks are applying this to car ownership. This is what is called a product service system – it allows us to have the benefit of a product without having to own them. 10% of urban populations are projected to shift to car shifting.

Concept #4 – IDling Capacity – untapped social, economic and envionmental resources has value.

She explained how folks are looking at assets that are being unutilized. There is a new business called liquid space – where folks are selling their office space.


Reputation is a currency that will become more powerful than our credit history – it will make the resume become archaic. – Rachel Botsman

She talked about stackoverflow.com which gave reputation points., but then they found out that the programmers was putting their scores on their resumes. So this lead to careers 2.0. where it is a combo of reputation vs factual basis. I think this is incredibly true – think about sales folks – where they have to “sell” themselves on their rolodex – where LinkedIn is showing their network.

The biggest trend is that Empowerment of the individual is the next

I had the pleasure to ask Rachel Botsman – how does the empowerment impact large organizations

She explained that while there is some aspect of Org design, it is more of a function of culture. She said the best way large companies can get ahead of this curve – is to encourage their employees to get involved in the market places. She has seen companies give financial credit and/or assign individuals to spend time on marketplaces like kickstarter.

But she cautions that don’t get caught up on the actual tool (e.g. twitter, linkedin, facebook, etc.) but focus on learning more about the behaviours that the environment/culture encourage – (e.g. collaboration). And then find that right tool that generates more business.

A question was asked about leadership – and she said the better leaders are those who recqonize that the Crowd will always be smarter than the company.



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  1. Another great post thanks Franz for those of us who can't be there. Interesting that Empowerment of Individuals is the next big trend. Our 2012 Career Agility & Engagement Trends Research showed that 75% of employees believe that they can contribute more to their employers – think of the untapped potential and discretionary effort if all those individuals were empowered to deliver more value to their organizations.

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