HRizon – Closing Ceremony – A commitment to Excellence

What an amazing couple of days, and definitely a tremendous learning session for me. It is definitely interesting as a HR professional to learn that there is a worldwide organization of HR professionals that is made up of amazing HR organizations around the world. In fact most of the HR organizations around the world sent their senior leadership to this meeting – so I have come to think of this like the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos for Human Resources.

Cathy Foreman, Australian Gold Medal winner was interviewed as part of the closing ceremonies. She has an amazing story of not only being an international athlete and also an advocate of Aboriginal Rights in Australia. What a great way to remind us HR Professionals the role that we have to encourage excellence and equality at all times.

What is interesting is that she is so factual about her capability. It wasn’t the normal story of I worked hard, etc.. this was more a story of – I know my body was excellent at this, and not to pursue it, would be a failure. What a wonderful way to take ownership of one’s success.

I wonder how many HR professionals would resonate with this. How many times do we mutter under our breath at parties that we do HR? Or even in the company cafeteria? Perhaps we could learn from Cathy that many of us are made to be excellent at HR – we have great people instincts, know how to help people excel, and at our core – love to serve others.



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