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{One of the continuing joys for me is that I get to meet and talk with amazing innovators in the HR space. What is even more exciting is when one amazing person introduces me to another innovator in the HR space. This blog is about one of those innovators and what they have created.}

I had the pleasure to talk with Stacy Chapman, the CEO of SwoopTalent to learn more about what her company is working on. Stacy and I started talking about all sorts of innovations going on in the HR world, and we almost ran out of time to discuss her product. She genuinely is very excited about how the talent space is moving and sees things from a very unique perspective.

The Technology

When she started watching recruiters, she was amazed at how many systems a recruiter has to work with. Her perspective is that on the one hand, recruiting can be a personable profession, but it seems to be getting mired by too many systems. On the other hand, from a technology side, it would appear that the big data solutions are drilling further into disparate pockets of data (e.g. social media or performance management). There is not a holistic view.

From my view – I definitely concur as the normal recruiter toolkit is pretty large – opensource X-Ray,, resume view, the Ladders, the existing ATS, and many more. I don’t know how many times I find someone on recruiter – and then have to check the ATS to make sure they have not applied before.


The Solution

What they have done is pretty elegant, and I think a major step forward. She essentially has two products combined into one. The first is a strong people aggregator that allows you to search for candidates and see all of their public social data (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, oodle, etc.). For instance, I gave it a tough search – a Business analyst for the FICO SAP module with Vertex experience – who was not a Manager. Swoop came back with 192 candidates that all were good matches.

It is the second part of the solution that is really innovative. What she realized is that companies have a ton of internal data about external and internal candidates (e.g. ATS, resume databases, career fair records, performance management data, etc.) which is not being used. Using my example of the 192 FICO candidates, instead of having to work through all 192, now I see that 10 of the 192 have applied to the jobs before and received very favorable interview marks. Wow!  

From a technical perspective, she has built a solution that really is flexible in terms of the data feeds that they can import – as the focus is truly to make it easy for the recruiter.


What is Best for the Recruiter

I am always excited to learn about new innovations going on in the marketplace, and often from a pragmatic perspective – it means one more login. It is refreshing to see an approach that not only is innovative, but also works to make the corporate recruiting function a little more efficient!


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