Got new Technology (like Onboarding) , Turned it On – and now there is new work to do?

I started of the HR Technology Morning, with my first interview being with someone who was not with a technology provider. I had the pleasure to meet with Vivek Khanna with Neeyamo to learn more of their story.. I will get to that further, but let me get to the lightbulb moment that they have uncovered.
Onboarding! Great but new work!
What Neeyamo has discovered is that Onboarding systems are truly fantastic in reducing turnover  – as they have learned that the sooner the employee is engaged, the less likely they are to no show on the first day. Specifically in India, they have found that a person will get the initial offer – and then go shop it.
But here is the new work. These on boarding systems bring forward these great dashboards of activities that need to be done, and more importantly followed up on (e.g. Mr. Manager – you really need to get the PC ordered). In which case, who is going to do that work? It isn’t sexy, it isn’t fun – so who? Well Neeyamo has been finding out that they can get work in this environment. 
So Who is Neeyamo? 
The quick version is a small to medium sized HR Multi-process HR outsourcing group that focuses on the small countries. 
The slightly larger version is that it is a firm that has found a great niche left behind by the Major HR Outsourcing providers (the small countries). Too often, a company is willing to help you when you have some critical mass in a country (e.g. more than 200 employees) but you are sunk when you need help for 8 employees. This is the market that Neeyamo has gone after. 
Neeyamo built out a cost effective solution with 4 centers (3 in india, 1 in Manila) – and a focus on HR. So this is not your normal BPO provider – as 50% of their center employees have their MBA in HR… So they have done a great job finding a niche – as they currently have 80+ clients under their belt. 

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