E-Learning Works – Definitive Study to Conclude the Debate! #CAHRS

Dr. Bradford Bell, and PhD Student Jessice Federman – for the Cornell Center for Advanced HR Studies have done the definitive study on E-learning. They did a Meta-Analysis of 4 major studies that combined studied 426 studies over the last ten years. So basically – they are summing up the last 10 years of intellectual work on this topic

Why the need? 
I must admit, I wondered why the study as CBT”s have been around in corporate environments for a while. However, given the advent on Online college programs – there was a renewed need to figure out if the online approach – really, really works.

The Result?
Overall, Online eduction programs do as well, in some cases, do better than classroom training!

The Caveats?
They found primarily three main caveats noted in the studies that can impede the overall effectiveness.
1. Cost of entry- implementing good online education programs can be expensive. For those of us who have corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS) – we can concur!

2. Design of content and learning Objectives. The studies prove that Instructional Design is a critical stage of content development. So for everyone that has wanted to push through quick CBT’s (e.g. just turn this powerpoint into a CBT) this step should not be sped up.

3. Learner Preparedness – The learner needs to be oriented to the programs. If someone isn’t used to online programs, you can’t throw them into the deep end – as some will really struggle.

Here is the link to the studies overview!

(Link to original Study: https://est05.esalestrack.com/eSalesTrack/Content/Content.ashx?file=6a19ac39-d8aa-4861-af6d-1a13108b8eb1.pdf)

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