Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Global Study

Lis Clausbeth, who contributed to one of the best International HR books out there (at least in my opinion) has begun to focus her research on the concept of Duty of Care – as companies workforces become more global.

It is intuitive that as a company’s employee population becomes more global, and global travel increases, the task of making sure everyone is well becomes more difficult. This easily could become one of those HR areas that feels like all “worry” and no practical solves – but Lis has some great suggestions in her recent study that she did with International SOS.

One key takeaway is that there is no “one” country that is safer for employees than others. This is crucial to understand as often most companies have programs and plans in place for travel / assignments in known dangerous places (e.g. somalia, Iraq, etc.) – but her studies have found you need to be just as prepared for other countries too.

Also, and here is the rub – did you know that some countries are starting to legislate that the companies have a statutory responsibility to care for their employees while traveling? Which means if you don’t, you are liable.

I encourage you to look at the study ( you will need to register)

Original Page: http://www.internationalsos.com/en/dutyofcare.aspx

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