Blog / PR Coverage

Requests for Blog Coverage:
If you are someone trying to change the landscape of HR with your thought leadership, product, research, publication and/or service – I would love to write a blog about it. I also am available to cover conferences.

For PR Folks:
Cost: Coverage is free – I truly enjoy meeting and learning more about HR.
Expense: In the case I have to travel, normal Travel expenses are expected to be covered.

The Potential PR Exposure:

Each blog post typically gets between 2 and 3 thousand views within a two week period
The blogs also get broadcast to my 2K followers, and with retweets typically goes to 10 to 15K people. 

Interview Style: 
I do have a wonderful day job, so interviews need to occur in off-hours (Eastern Standard Time) or via E-mail. If you proactively want to have the person work on the questions – here are some of the standard questions.

Other suggestions to get the blog article more interest:
1. Send photos (head shots, product shots, etc.)
2. If it is a request to cover a product, also have someone from the team help describe it and be available for the interview!

Contact Me:
For coverage and/or discuss ideas – I can be reached via phone below or my e-mail address is