Are Vacations in the US like Formal Dining Rooms – Rarely Used?

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The Atlantic did a great article on how the US Vacation policy can’t be fixed – well because, there isn’t one. The above is a list of paid vacations mandated by country – and if you can’t tell – we are the zero!

I was joking with someone that vacation policies are a bit of a joke now from a recruiting perspective! People negotiate for 21 or more days – but the reality of us taking those days is almost zilch! Thus it is like our formal dining rooms – we have them in our house because we are supposed to – but only use them rarely for show.

What do you think? What is broken?

By the way – the irony is that I am writing this on vacation!


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One thought on “Are Vacations in the US like Formal Dining Rooms – Rarely Used?

  1. Saw this article earlier this week, and it rings true. 59% of Americans leave 11 vacation days on the table each year. Wow. As a solopreneur, I can relate the drive to push through all the time – there is always something more that needs to be accomplished, and there's no one else (we think) to push it off on! But, I am strategically planning some family time *AND* taking the Monday holiday. Even calendared a couple of vacation days for myself in the next 3 months.

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